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What is Imagineering?

Imagineering is an interdisciplinary, robust, collaborative paradigm of human interaction, focusing on the future of life on Earth from multiple perspectives. Imagineers draw expertise from a diverse range of specialised fields and integrate findings from a vast array...

Existence of Life

Lets take ‘life’ as a general principle rather than an attribute. Life is dependant on a complex interconnected web of interactions between a diverse range of individual beings in all forms from the microscopic to the galactic and universal. Killing myriad lifeforms...

First Steps

The future of Human Civilisation in the Anthropocene era and beyond demands a coherent, integrated, non-violent planetary response capability. This response capability will be enabled in it's emergence and coherence by the balanced and ethical integration of social,...

Excerpts from a future conversation:

by Kerry Christopher Dugan How is it that you came to the conclusion that it’s possible to “grow shoreline” by using the 40+% of surface marine water solution that isn’t H2O, bonding some of the non-water components into layerings of solid compounds? How did the idea...