Long Game

Introduction to Long View and Long Game


Long term thinking (i.e 10, 50, 100, 1000 yrs) planning and evaluation is necessary for the continued success of life on earth. Taking the Long View will become the most valued human capability. Engaging the human population through fun and learning, challenging the intellect and skills, and providing appropriate opportunities to participate enjoyably and effectively in the life of the whole is paramount to successfully embarking on a trajectory in this direction. This process could be called the Long Game for it will provide entertaining, educational, and functional skills based recognition to those who engage with it, and they will be rewarded with satisfying positions in the social structure which supports their needs, and the needs of others. This is a game which can be played for life without boredom or repetition.


The future of Human Civilisation in the Anthropocene era and beyond demands a coherent, integrated, planetary response capability. This response capability will be enabled in it’s emergence and coherence by the balanced and ethical integration of social, cultural, environmental, and technical systems.

The integration of core domains will necessarily be founded in universal principles – research into the current known principles in relation to technology and particularly computation is a high priority. Integration of knowledge into a coherent meta-paradigm is the first essential task for core teams.

Some key concepts of the Long Game:

  • Technology can be used to reflect higher consciousness which enhances the evolution of human consciousness through interactive engagement. Evolution of consciousness is supported through playful, enjoyable participation.

  • Using the notion of Quest, and ‘initiation’ as proof of alignment with truth (veritas) in both Long Game development team members, and as a core (yet subtle) aspect of the game architecture. Access to ‘levels’ of play are aligned with players developing capacity to enjoy and benefit from engagement with them.

  • Accelerated individual personal development due to ‘functional fit’ ascertained through the architecture of the play environment and translated into the physical world environment, dissolving the boundary between physical and virtual realities

  • As players capacities increase, they will be more able to participate in conscious, creative ways, and will find their ‘functional fit’ in the areas of life and productivity that best match their own, identified core purpose. This will be ascertained through participation in the levels of play and with increasingly intentional direction from the players them selves.

  • Core areas of responsibility for the future of human ‘civilisation’ will be populated and nurtured by those most suited and best able to do the work in resonance with each other and become effective stewards of their respective areas of responsibility.


The preferred (ie. viable continuing) future for higher intelligent life forms on this planet depends on a successfully deployed, accessible, flexibly extensible, participatory paradigm and a supportive platform of interactions.


In order to access anything like a coherent, integrated platform of interactions which would enable humanity to function as a planetary brain/mind, a planet scale collaboration of the “best and brightest” heart/minds will be required. This is simple common sense and the Long Game affords all aspirants the support needed to achieve selection capacity.


Co-operation and collaboration among a group of suitable core participant individuals and groups will create the required interaction paradigm supportive infrastructure. The initial iteration of the project will allow testing and further development as proof of concept progresses to alpha development and beyond using the agile methodology.

Fundamental Design Considerations:

Successful development will enable (list in progress) …

  • Effective communication across paradigms

  • Unhampered access to the system = cross platform and low tech/slow tech versions

  • Unobtrusive self development scaffolding for participants allowing levels of access to increasingly complex domains. This area needs building out to explicate structure and methodologies involved in layering and sequencing the passage of players from the open platform/playground (proposed and supported by noomap in its current form), through personal development challenges, into the collective challenge/opportunity layer and other functional arenas of the Long Game itself.

  • Transdiciplinary collaboration facilitation + free access to information = procedural transparency and ad-hoc R&D responses to challenges

  • Support for and interface with integrated, accessible, planetary, professional research and development database.

  • Support for and interface with integrated, accessible, planetary, bio-regional knowledge base. – These areas needs to be connected with existing initiatives to provide local and specific knowledge holders and databases with a unified platform (if these exist) – or else this unified platform needs to be designed.

  • Support for the fair and equitable distribution of life supporting and participation pre-requisite resources across the whole planetary population.

  • Support and guidance built in which ensures emotional maturity of participants is equal to their influence.