Section 1 Expanded

1. Accountability structure

In order for the future viability of human civilisation in any form to be adequately addressed, a number of key area must be prioritised. Foremost among these is understanding and management of planetary life support systems, including the development of:

Life Appropriate Technologies

Characteristics: non-toxic – or detoxifying, recyclable, carbon sequestering, generative/regenerative, biophillic – must also be viable in terms of all lifeforms rights to quality of life …



Earth Dashboard (Gabel, 2017)



A user friendly and accessible information dissemination and retrieval structure must be established and qualified influential users must be prepared to interface and engage with its input/output. This area has been addressed in outline, pathway proposals to the initiation of such a scheme have been described by Earth Intelligence Network (Steele, 2015).

Plan (under construction):

  • Investigate shortcomings/oversights in, obstacles to implementation of Steele et al current proposal. Discover potential amendments, alternate strategies, consideration of needs for inclusion, potential stakeholders to on-board in support of concluded best proposal.
  • Research and evaluate any other comprehensive proposals toward a World/Global Brain style address to planetary future/s.


Access/assess active R&D/implementation efforts:


  • Incentivisation of life-equity as prime directive – PD
    • Target groups
    • Sanctity of life
    • Ecocide prevention
    • Species and systems longevity
    • Guaranteed long term returns



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